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Winter Toolkit: Herbal Essentials for Wellness and Sanity with Brit St. Clair

As the winter solstice draws closer and the earth invites us to draw inward, rest and reflect on our lives, the holiday season does the opposite of this, adding more to our to-do lists: more things to buy, more people to see, more things to cook (and clean), more airplanes to board. As we move into the darkest, coldest, busiest time of year, let’s take a few minutes to talk about some simple remedies we can make at home to boost health and sanity as we navigate All The Things.

Our discussion will include (but possibly not be limited to): garlic honey, elderberry/flower elixir, pine medicine, ideas for assembling an efficient herbal travel kit, and how we can see stress as a helpful ally instead of the enemy. (We’ll make the garlic honey in class; the price includes supplies.)

The cost is 25.00 (includes supplies to make your own garlic honey)

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About Brit:

Brit StClair lives in Decatur, GA, with her spouse and two kids. She’s been studying herbal medicine ever since getting pregnant with her first child a decade ago, catching a cold, and learning that over-the-counter cold medications say things like DO NOT TAKE WHILE PREGNANT OR BREASTFEEDING, and DO NOT GIVE TO BABIES. Since that time she has studied the Wise Woman Tradition of healing with Susun Weed, and is currently studying with southern folk herbalist Phyllis Light at the Appalachian Center for Natural Health. Brit’s work with herbs focuses on simple, whole-plant preparations and backyard medicine.

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