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New Moon Circle in Sagittarius: Tiny Revolutions - Reimagine

Within us lives an imperative to journey beyond what we have been taught in childhood or at home so that we can see what else is out there. As we explore the world through a wide array of educational experiences and adventures to places beyond our home of origin, we expand our minds and naturally cultivate beliefs. As we grow, we encounter opportunity after opportunity to reexamine and reimagine what we believe to be true. What we believe and how we think shape not only our personal life, but also our contribution to the shared culture in which we live. Inspired by the generations of seekers that have come before us, this Moon Cycle we will shine our attention on what we believe and how we think. Let us do so with a sense of adventure and wonder.

THEME: Tiny Revolutions - Reimagine

WHAT TO EXPECT: "New moon" refers to the time when the moon is in conjunction with the sun and therefore, invisible from earth. This is a potent time for reflection and intuition. Each circle is an opportunity for us to slow down, breathe deeply, and center in so that we can hear the voice of our inner wisdom. Expect some information on the astrology for the current moon cycle and our concurrent theme, an opportunity for meditation and energetic connection to the theme, and time for sharing. My desire is to hold space for us to experience new insights, sense new movement, and cultivate creative potential in our individual and collective lives.

WHO ARE THESE CIRCLES FOR? Our circles are open to anyone who identifies as female, trans, non-binary, gender expansive, femme, gender non-conforming, queer, or gender creative. Note: These circles are not designed with cis-gender males in mind. Cis-males may only attend circle with the permission of Wild Moon Atlanta.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Please wear comfortable clothing. We will be sitting or reclining for much of our time together. Please bring a journal, pen, a blanket/pillow or other cozy items, and your favorite kombucha, juice, or still/sparkling water. Tea and a light snack (usually something with chocolate) will be available at the venue.

LOCATION: Seed to Star Collective

EVENT LED BY: Kelly Benning of Wild Moon Atlanta

TICKETS/PRICING: $20, limited spots available. Please register through Eventbrite.

All registrations are no refunds/exchanges/transfers, and 10% of proceeds will be donated to support an organization aimed at social or environmental justice.

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