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Special Event: Reading and Conversation with author, Sara Arey

Join us for a special evening as we welcome Sara Arey, author of the book The Universe Fcking Loves Me.

Sara Arey has spent more that 25 years working with energy and consciousness development. In her book, The Universe F*cking Loves Me, she shares practical exercises and deep meditations to help you know and trust more and more deeply that you are loved. Always. She shares very real stories from her work with hundreds of clients and from her own life to illustrate deep truths and insights about what holds us back and how to move forward.

Join us and experience for yourself Sara’s compassion, intuition and powerfully loving energy. Sara will read from her book and be available for conversation and connection. Her book and cards will also be available for purchase.

**The Universe F*cking Loves Me is a guide to authentic, powerful personal growth. Readers have said:

“From heart-wrenching stories of love and loss to practical approaches to connecting with self, Sara’s example and process invite you on the path to real transformation.”

“I really loved that at the end of each chapter are actual exercises to take the concepts and make them real. I found myself practicing them on planes, in my office, and around the house.”

“This is a book that I want to give to every person I love. It spoke to me at so many different levels. Page after page, I found exactly what I needed to hear in the moment—profound wisdom or reminders of things that I know but that I so often forget! This book is the result of a rich life experience that is unique and yet so like many others, in all its pain and all its glory. Whether you are stuck in a place of negativity or on a journey of growth and expansion, you will find a pointer to the direction you need to take.”