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Plant Study & Meditation with Jaia Devi

Join Jaïa Devi for her new monthly offering of plant study and meditation.

{ 30 min plant study + 30 min plant spirit meditation }

The act of using herbal medicine to heal ourselves is a spiritual exchange. When we ask plants to share energy with us we are inviting an experience both intimate and ancestral.

In these classes we will go deep into our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies by sitting with plants & flower essences and discussing the ways we can use these plants to heal ourselves not only physically but emotionally and spiritually as well.

Our class will start with a 30 minutes in depth plant study of Pharmacopeia. We will learn about a plant’s complete profile, it’s origins, folklore, foraging practices as well as the many uses for each respective plant ally in our modern lives.

We will then transition into a deep connection with plant spirits through a 30 minute guided plant spirit meditation. These meditations are non-linear ways for us to sit with and listen to the information these plants offer. As everyone's energy varies, our experiences differ but oftentimes we can find a common thread. As we familiarize ourselves with this method of connecting and communicating with plants, we can begin to understand the potential of plants to help us heal.

At the very core of this monthly gathering, Jaïa Devi aims to remind us of how plant medicine, deeply embedded in our ancestral ways, can offer nourishment and open a willingness to heal all our relationships.

Please come prepared to demonstrate reverence to our Earth Mother. Please wear comfortable clothes to sit or lay in while meditation

All participants will receive an educational handout as well as a discount on Jaïa Devi’s all organic & vegan apothecary.

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