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Heal Your Mama Heart with Amy and Laura

You spend a lot of time meeting your family's needs and may find yourself experiencing a myriad of feelings from overwhelm to anger, and responding to your kids in ways that are not aligned with your values. You are NOT alone, and we've created a group session to help.

This healing session is designed to help you

-recognize and change your inner dialogue

-release triggers that keep you reacting to your kids and yourself in harsh ways

-improve your ability to heal through acupuncture and guided imagery

Connect with other mamas from your heart center, identify what YOU want to heal and how you want that healing to show up in your life as a mama and as an individual person with your own needs, wants, and dreams.

Following a group discussion, Laura Greiner, Licensed Acupuncturist will apply acupuncture. Then psychotherapist Amy Bryant of Wild Child Counseling will lead a group guided imagery-hypnotherapy session to help you help heal your triggers and increase your resilience and stress tolerance. We'll end the session with a wrap-up discussion as the acupuncture needles are removed.

This is an opportunity to move out of a place of judgment towards yourself and your kids, and into a place of alignment and trust that you are enough and you are worthy.

$65-80 (sliding scale to use at your discretion)

CODE: $65HMH ($15 off)

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Later Event: May 14
Acupuncture for Moms