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Morning Sunshine P Y R I T E Meditation

Join Laura Greiner and Leah Tioxon for a special **morning** meditation with one of their FAVORITE stones, pyrite.

Laura will discuss the energy and physical properties of pyrite and then Leah will lead a channeled guided meditation, while everyone rests with stones and their own pyrite.

Pyrite, also known as Fool's Gold, ain't no fool! She is warming, sparkly, and FULL of power.

Pyrite is found in many areas of the world, but Laura has obtained some truly unique and super potent pieces that were collected from the base of Mt Shasta. These are unlike any we have seen, as they are cubes on a matrix of serpentine. WHAT????

Everyone will receive their very own piece of this amazing pyrite.

There are only NINE pieces so space is limited.

The cost is 45.00 (includes the pyrite) and you may register here: