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Chakra Attunement with Vinisha

Join Vinisha at The Seed to Star Collective to engage your energy centers with a sound bath and guided meditation through which intentions will be made and questions asked to heal and sustain clean, clear energies within our bodies. We will work through activating the 7 bodily chakras and employ our Earth Star & Soul Star chakras to keep us grounded, connected, and aligned with our authentic self.

Why Sound Baths?

Vinisha’s set of singing bowls are tuned to 432 hertz—resonating with the Schumann Resonance - 8hz (hertz is the measurement of the sound waves/vibrations that occur within a second) to connect us more deeply to the vibrational field that exists on our planet, in our universe. The more your energetic field and body are introduced to these frequencies, the greater the opportunity to experience entrainment (incorporation, synchronicity) between the healing sound bath and your subtle body first hand, allowing you to jump in to the greater flow of all that is by vibrating with the Universe.

The cost is 22.00 and you may register here:

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