Membership Frequently Asked Questions:

Is membership mandatory?

Not at all! Our space, events, and services are available to everyone. Members simply receive added discounts and benefits.

What are these “member-only” events you speak of?

Every month there will be one or more events that are offered to members exclusively. Garnet and Pyrite members can attend at no charge and Mica members can attend for a very low fee. Each of our practitioners will offer free events for members. Some of our ideas are special meditations, group acupuncture, movie nights, unique workshops, swaps, field trips, and more!

I love following you on social media but never make it to events. Why should I become a member?  

Well, because being a member helps support the community, spread love, and brings a smile to everyone’s face! Your support assists us in keeping our offerings accessible. Membership also includes discounts on private sessions with our practitioners. Plus, you can always use your discount to buy yourself a gift! Also, if membership isn’t your thing but you still want to support us, we always welcome monetary and supply donations.

What is the difference between the Mica and Garnet levels?

The only difference is that member-only events are FREE for Garnet members. Mica members will be charged a nominal fee, yet still receive invitations.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Nope! For monthly memberships, simply send an email to to request cancellation. Paying annually gives you benefits for the entire 12 months and is non-refundable (however, you do get one month free).

Can I purchase a membership as a gift?

Yes! Memberships make excellent gifts! When you order, there is a space to list additional information. Provide us with the name and email of the gift recipient and we will take care of the rest!

If I join in the middle of the month, am I prorated?

Your monthly dues will be charged each month on the day of your joining. For example, if you joined June 14th, you will be billed on the 14th of each month.

How soon are my member benefits available?

Benefits go into effect August 1. If you join after that, they are available immediately.

What are the membership dues used for?

The membership funds are used to assist in our overhead costs including rent, insurance, and supplies. Reducing our monthly expenses allows us to keep our fees affordable and offer reduced rates and scholarships when needed. In addition, the dues help our practitioners with an affordable monthly rent which helps them offer reduced rate services when needed.

Why are your levels named after stones?

If you have visited Seed to Star you know that we love our stones! Plus, all 3 chosen are local to the state of Georgia.

Mica is often referred to as a cheerleader of sorts. Reflective like a mirror, mica gives the message “you can do it!” This membership level is just that, as each member feels like our own personal cheer team.

Garnets are deeply nourishing and assist in building strength and stamina. This level helps provide even more support and nourishment so that Seed to Star can thrive.

Pyrite is one of our favorite stones. Pyrite helps us see the light in ourselves and radiate that brightness out into the world. It is our mission at Seed to Star to bring more of this light to the community so that everyone can shine.