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Kelbi is a Reiki Master and Community Herbalist. Working from the belief that our bodies have the inherent capacity to heal themselves; Kelbi helps to support and empower you on your own healing journey.

In remission, as a chronic disease survivor (Stage 3 Lyme, RA, Endo, etc….) she has a passion to: help others find their unique healing path; begin to release stored trauma; heal from the root causes of dis-ease; align the chakras; and to support you spiritually and emotionally along the way. She honors Shamanism in her practices with her deep connection to nature & healing, and the inclusion of sounds & instruments. (Reflected in her medicinal plant growing & medicine making & her intuitive implementation of voice, instrument, etc. in her energy sessions.) Often times she may bring nature itself into the session using plants & plant medicines.

Kelbi has her own specialty crafted & Reiki infused micro-batch line of herbal medicines & teas in the retail section of Seed to Star: Lumenous Healing. She grows as much as she can and the rest is wild-crafted locally or ethically sourced. Kelbi’s aim is to provide a product that bridges earth and spirit to bring you healing for your best and highest good.