The Seed to Star Collective is a wellness center in which accessibility, inclusion, and community are our core intentions. Started in 2017 by Laura Greiner, Seed to Star has steadily grown into a space where the local community can gather and experience a wide array of services, including acupuncture, guided meditations, reiki, & more.


It began with Laura's vision of a community wellness space.

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve dreamed of opening some sort of space. Back when I was in college the space I envisioned was an art class and supply shop. However, once I began acupuncture school, that vision shifted. Now the space I imagined was one where families, mothers, and friends could come for relief, comfort, and care.

In my first few years of acupuncture practice I rented and shared a number of spaces, although none were the space I envisioned. A few years ago I found a small office for myself. It was perfect, but lonely, and I still kept dreaming of the bigger space I’d have one day. One day often seemed so far away, but I never lost sight of it, or of the energy of peace I felt the space would create.

Over time I found myself sharing my little office with three other practitioners (Leah, Julie, and Elaina). None of them were acupuncturists like me. They all practiced a different healing modality, each a lovely and unique compliment to my own work.

The shared space was nice, but it was so small that we could only use it one at a time. My obsession with my dream started to grow.

One day while I was treating Leah, I decided to do a deep treatment using hematite and moonstone. The energy of the stone iolite entered the room, and Leah was shown a plant. She was not told the name, but she had a clear image of its leaves. What was this plant? What did it mean?

A few weeks later, I was in North Carolina on a stone medicine retreat. We walked into a field for meditation, and as I laid down in the grass I looked up and saw some brilliant leaves and branches peaking out at me. Like a light switch flipping on, I knew immediately those were the leaves Leah had seen. I took a picture and sent it to her. Yes! Those were the leaves! It turned out that they were the leaves of the black walnut tree. I went back to sit with the tree before I left for home. On the ground right beside its trunk, I found a perfect little seed, and I brought that seed home with me.

Wouldn’t you know it, I began noticing black walnut trees everywhere. I made a stone grid with the seed from the black walnut and wrote down everything I wanted in my community space: several treatment rooms, a classroom space, lots of stones and beautiful art, warm glowing light, cushions on the floor, a space for childcare, close to home, and easy to find.  

Meanwhile, I searched Craigslist every night looking for my space to appear. Though I was impatient, I knew it would probably wouldn’t happen right away. Imagine my surprise when a perfect space appeared a few weeks later!

Not only did the space have everything I was looking for, but it was actually in a building on the same street I had been driving up and down for months, all that time wishing something would magically appear. And that was it. I’d found my space, and my space is now The Seed to Star Collective. Because, like the black walnut tree that first appeared for Leah and then reappeared for me, we all have within us enormous potential for growth.

It is said that among native cultures, the walnut represents the gathering of energy or the beginning of new projects. This is the perfect mascot for The Seed to Star Collective, a place where growth happens.

When we started Seed to Star, Leah, Elaina, Julie, and I were focused on how we could help our community. We didn’t necessarily anticipate the degree to which we would end up helping each other on our own paths toward growth. I can’t adequately describe the power of the energy that kind of synchronicity generates in this space. You’ll have to come feel it for yourself! Whether you come for a treatment, a session, a workshop, or just to say hi, you are always welcome at The Seed to Star Collective.”   -Laura


Seed to Star practitioners are here to help guide you through life's challenges, be they physical, emotional, spiritual, or maybe a combination. Our work is complementary, and you may find deeper healing is available when you approach an issue from more than one angle. We all offer private sessions as well as group class settings. Each Seed to Star practitioner manages their own schedule.